Wahhabi Muslims of Saudi Arabia

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Saudi school curriculum teaches there are two sides: Wahhabi Muslims and everyone else. Wahhabi students are taught to hate all others, even less-devout Muslims. Osama Bin Laden received this teaching as a youngster.

Wahhabism's founder, Mohammed bin Abd al-Wahhab, was an Arabian cleric (1703-1792) who wanted to reform Islam to bring it to conform to the teachings of the Koran. He moved to the town of Diriya and formed an alliance with Mohammed bin Saud. Saud made Wahhabism the official religion of the nation state that we now call Saudi Arabia. Wahhabi thinking has controlled Saudi Arabia for more than two centuries.

Zealous Saudi religious police have detained Shi'ite Muslims until they signed documents renouncing their form of Islam, according to a May 25th article in "BBC News." Recently the Saudi government said public prosecutors would take over the job of enforcing moral codes. Will this help curb religious persecution when all have received education to hate everyone except Wahabbis?

Pray for the Wahhabi Muslims to learn about the faith of love - faith in the God who identifies Himself as Love. Ask Love to show Himself to these spiritually needy people. Pray that the excesses of Wahhabism will prompt thousands of Muslims to look to Christ for answers.-AK

1 Kings 8:60

"May [God] uphold the cause of His people Israel so that all the peoples all over the earth may know that the Lord is God and that there is no other."

Kneeling on an elevated platform and then spreading his hands toward heaven, young Solomon joyfully dedicated the glistening new temple with a prayer of consecration. Prominent in that prayer was his request that God honor the sincere petitions of the foreigners who would come to the temple. God granted Solomon's request. Later, Jesus drove out of the temple the merchants whose stalls were set up in the court of the Gentiles. They were keeping the Gentiles away from God's house. Are our places of worship "houses of prayer for all nations" (Isaiah 56:7)? Do we welcome people from other nations? Do we regularly pray for other peoples and nations?

Dear God, we pray that You will make our churches to be "houses of prayer" for all nations.

Source From Global Prayer