Sunni Muslim Tajiks of Tajikistan

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The oldest surviving people group in Central Asia, the Tajiks, have been repeatedly invaded, conquered and oppressed. After centuries of invasions, most Tajiks settled in remote, rugged mountainous areas. People are scattered with little or no infrastructure to connect them and to facilitate commerce.

Economic development is further hindered by frequent natural disasters that destroy the few existing roads and bridges. Flash floods, earthquakes, landslides and avalanches are common. All these factors combine to make Tajikistan the poorest of the former Soviet republics, and one of the poorest countries in the world.

About ninety percent of Tajiks are Muslim, and about ten percent are "non-religious." There are only a few known believers and one known church in the entire country.

The Bible is available in Tajik (Cyrillic script), although the wording is archaic and difficult to understand. The New Testament is available in Arabic script, and the JESUS Film has been broadcast in Tajik on national television.

Pray for more long-term Christian workers to settle in Tajikistan and bring the gospel there. Pray for anointed Christian leadership to develop among the Tajiks. Pray for one more invasion of Tajikistan: that the Holy Spirit would conquer their hearts and that they would surrender to the lordship of Jesus.-JCS

Jud. 2:16

"Then the Lord raised up judges..."

God did not abandon Israel in spite of their sin and disobedience. He sent judges to lead the people in victory over their enemies. Today we praise God for those whom He raises up to remind us of Christ's command to disciple all nations and to equip us to obey that command. Student mission leaders are banding together, encouraging other students to pray and plan to go with the gospel to the nations. Pastors and denominational leaders are encouraging their congregations to send young people and to faithfully support them with their prayers and their money. Mission executives are developing new plans to penetrate the world's remaining people groups with the gospel.

Pray that the Church of Jesus Christ will respond to the leadership of today's "judges," humbly taking the gospel to the ends of the earth.

Source from Global Prayer