Sunni Muslim Pushtun People of Afghanistan and Pakistan

Sunni Muslim Pushtun People of Afghanistan and Pakistan

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"Me against my brothers, me and my brothers against my cousins, me and my cousins against the world." This old saying shows one characteristic of the Pushtun people. A Pakistani government official puts it this way, "You may kill them, but you never insult them!"

Pushtuns may fight among each other, but if anyone insults their personal identity, they will have a united front. There are about 40 million Pushtuns, most of whom live in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Many are radical Muslims who follow a pre-Islamic law called "Pashtunwali." This law basically requires hospitality and asylum for all guests seeking help, "justice" and revenge; defense of women, family and property. If there is a wrong committed, there should be a humble admission of guilt. The wronged party should automatically give forgiveness.

Many Pushtuns feel their honor has been deeply offended by Western armies in Afghanistan. They believe it is their duty to fight outside forces to defend Islam and their honor. Unfortunately, these attacks have resulted in more violence and loss of lives.

Pray that God will guide Christians to know how to show God's love to the Pushtuns and to heal the turmoil of their lives. Pray that they will receive His Word. Pray that more Christian radio programs will be developed in the Pashtu language and that these people, many of whom are illiterate, will hear and embrace God's message of hope for them. Pray that they will learn to love our merciful Savior.-PD

Ruth 2:20

"That man (Boaz) is our close relative; he is one of our kinsman-redeemers"

The custom of the kinsman-redeemer is another beautiful picture of the Lord Jesus' love and redemption for His people. The kinsman-redeemer in Israel was a close relative who rescued a widow from financial ruin and brought her into his home as his bride to keep her from selling or losing to creditors the family estate and inheritance. The Lord Jesus Christ became our Kinsman-Redeemer, one not ashamed to call us brothers, that He might give His own life to rescue us from the ruin of sin.

Pray for the thousands of peoples who do not yet know the One who came to redeem them.

Source From Global Prayer