Sunni Muslim Kumzari People of Oman

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No Bible! No Christian radio broadcasts! No missionaries! No copy of the immensely popular JESUS Film! This is the plight of the Kumzari people of Oman. According to the World Evangelization Research Center, only 700 Kumzari people have even heard the gospel. They are a small people group, numbering some 21,000, and are very isolated by high rugged mountains.

The Kumzaris are hard to reach, but easy to find. They are located on the Musandam Peninsula with tall, imposing mountains overlooking the Strait of Hormuz, and plunging down to the sea. They speak a language, which is related to Persian, with some Arabic aspects. They carry long-handled axes, daggers in their belts, and a walking stick which they call a "Jerez." They are well equipped for self-defense, which might come in handy when attacked by a wildcat from the hills.

All of them are Muslim, though they have integrated pre-Islamic folk legends including evil spirits, a she-devil said to cause miscarriages, and other mythical monsters.

The Kumzari people live in houses made of stone, very tightly packed together. Families eat together while sitting on the ground. Men and women sit in separate circles, mats are spread out, and a tray of assorted foods is placed on the mat. Their diet includes quite a variety of foods; goat milk, cheese and meat, mutton, fish, figs, and coffee.

Pray that Jesus will provide a rich spiritual banquet of Bibles, broadcasts, and believers to help them understand His ways.-CH

1 Sam.25:28

"The Lord will surely reward you, for you are fighting His battles."

All too often the battles we fight are of our own making. David was fighting the Lord's battles and thus could be assured of God's blessings. What are the Lord's battles today? They are battles against sin and ungodliness in our society and our churches. They are battles against a foe sometimes disguised as an angel of light. And these battles include efforts to bring under Christ's Lordship some from every people, tribe and tongue. God will bless those involved in these battles, because they are His battles.

Dear Father, some of Your servants, trying to reach the unreached peoples, are very discouraged today. Remind them that the battle is Yours, not theirs. Give them great joy and power, we pray.

Source From Global Prayer