Baloch people in Pakistan

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Miriam stormed into the house after hearing an alarming news report on the radio. "What is happening, Syed? I just heard there was a land mine explosion set by militants that killed 26 women and children! Syed, her husband, responded. "Baloch tribesmen have begun a campaign of systematic sabotage in an effort to gain more control within the Pakistan government. They have attacked railways, phone systems (cell and landline), and electrical grids across the country. The government is fighting back. I wish they would negotiate, but the Baloch war lords are in control, and they want to fight."

There are almost 5 million Baloch people who live in a region that includes areas of southwestern Pakistan, Afghanistan and the southeast corner of the Iranian plateau. They speak Balochi, which is considered a north-western Iranian language. Baloch's are predominantly Sunni Muslims, but there are a number who practice Sufism. Though some have embraced Christ, Baloches have been very resistant to Christians and God's message of salvation.

Pray that God will allow the Baloch people to be touched by His grace through Christian workers who may go to minister to the needs of these people. Pray that the Muslim Baloch people will crave God's mercy and love as they face violent evildoers.-PD

Ruth 3:12-13

"There is a kinsman-redeemer nearer than I.... If he wants to redeem, good...if he is not willing I will do it"

This statement by the kinsman-redeemer, Boaz, was especially significant because Ruth was not Jewish. It was difficult for Israel to understand how God could love any other nation, but through the example of Boaz and his willingness to redeem Ruth, God demonstrated His great love for Gentiles. How extraordinary it is, even today, for the average Christian to be willing to reach across cultural barriers and lovingly make Christ known. We revel in our blessings, yet too rarely share them with people different from ourselves.

Lord, help us to unselfishly reach out in love to all peoples of the world

Source From Global Prayer