Recommended Links



Recommended Links


Study Sites, Testimony Sites, Prayer Networks and Sites we were asked to include:

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Study sites for Christians:

Ministry among Indian Muslims  Lots of other free resources from Brethren Assembly Ministry.

Arab Bible - Powerful software tool.
Answering Islam - Christian - Muslim Dialog.
Christian Answers Network - Biblical answers to contemporary questions. - Videos on Muslim UPGs (unreached).
Dreams and Visions - Testimonies of people saved.
Encountering the World of Islam.
Every People Network and
Islamic-Western Calendar Converter.
Middle East Media Research Institute Arab TV into English, an eye-opener!
Understanding Islam - From Belief Network.
Understanding Islam - From Christian Broadcasters Network (CBN).
What is Islam? - From Strategic Network Organization.

Study sites for Muslims:

Al-Kitab Scripture Research Institute - Study courses for Muslims.
Ennour - A general arabic evangelistic site.
Good News for You.
Heart of the problem - Bible studies for Muslims.
Isa al Masih Network - Explaining Jesus.
Maarifa (Arabic Site) - Music, devotions, sermons.
Перевод Священного Писания на Русском для Центральной Азии и Кавказа.

Prayer Networks

Pray for China | Pray for Egypt | Pray for Iran | Pray for Kuwait | Pray for North Africa | Pray for Saudi Arabia | Pray for Somalia | Praying through the Arabian Penninsula | Simple Prayer -

Resources/ Information / Missions Helps

Mission to the Himalayas.
Christlisches Zentrum Herborn - (Islam in Deutschland.)
Federacion Misionera Evangelica Costarricense (FEDEMEC).
Global Recordings Network - … 580 languages.
Jesus Film in Arabic.
Jubilee World Missions - Save the children.
Mid East Outreach.
Persecuted Church.
SIM International - Serving in Mission