Muslims in the Middle East

Middle East Population (estimate - 2007) (An often used version of Middle East, includes Cyprus, Turkey, and Egypt. In some cases, the Middle East is extended to include countries in North Africa with clear connection to Islam, like Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Mauritania and Sudan, Eritrea, Djibouti and Somalia. We do not use the extended version on our site - check the Africa categories for more details.)

Bahrain: 738,874
Egypt: 78,887,007 (July 2006 estimate)
Iran: 70,431,905
Iraq: 27,162,627
Israel: 7,237,384 + 3,070,228 Palestinians
Jordan: 5,375,307
Kuwait: 2,730,603
Lebanon: 4,556,561
Oman: 2,452,234
Qatar: 824,355
Saudi Arabia: 24,069,943
Syria: 19,514,386
United Arab Emirates: 3,981,978
Yemen: 21,306,342
TOTAL Middle East Population: 272,339,734 million. 9 out of 10 Muslims in the Middle East don’t know any Christians.